Bioxial is an organism that is an extension of the tree of life. Born from the magic island of Ibiza at the Iconic Beach «Sa Trinxa» Circa 2003. Ibiza is known as the eternal mecca of electronic music and Bioxial captivates the soul because of its universal spirituality.

Micah is the pioneer for all electronic violin live acts. Micah is in fact the very first electric club violinist in the world.  The first to have weekly residencies in Ibiza. He is known worldwide as #Ibizaviolinist.

Micah & Ruben began their journey together in 2005. The Pioneers and the very first Electronic Violin / Sax Combo on planet earth.  Their fusion is the most unique of its kind to date. They Improvise to every single type of music there is and generate an unprecedented amount of energy at every event!

We are a recording and music production studio located in the heart of Barcelona specialized in all kinds of musical styles such as pop, rock, hiphop, r&b, reggaeton, jazz, soul, trap, electronic etc… In our studio we compose your song from scratch through production, mixing and mastering. In this way we offer an optimal result thanks to our extensive technical team that covers each of the phases of the project.

Discobandits is made up of a handful of individual international artists from across the globe.  Each in his own right has his or her own career touring the world.  They come together as a private events band to collaborate on the most elite private events on this world & in the universe.

M3 Show Originated in Spain and began in 2007 (first concert @ Chic Nightclub – Rosas, Spain.  They are the first and only Violin / Sax / Guitar Combo in the electronic house music scene worldwide. Touring the world together and smashing Ibiza every summer for the last 15 years. They Improvise in a manner that melts in your ears!